Welcome to Ryon's Rescue Pen

Founded on June 9, 2015, Ryon's Rescue Pen is operated out of Cannon Falls, MN. Since opening our doors, countless horses have found new homes and avoided going to slaughter.

As some people are aware Ryon buys ALL classes of horses on a daily basis. This site is for lower priced horses that are being sold "As Is". In hopes of finding alternative homes for these unwanted horses.

As we are not a non-profit organization we are offering them to the public for purchase not for "adoption".Some of these horses are broke, registered and sound. Blemishes and known issues will be pointed out as we see them but most of the history of these animals is unknown.

We hope to build relationships with those interested in providing these horses with homes.

All of the horses are providing with excellent hay and water 24/7 until they leave here.


**This is NOT a non-profit organization**

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